Brewer X is a refreshing user interface for Homebrew

Manage your apps, scripts, and fonts with ease and dive into the most comprehensive software library for macOS.

Brewer X

What it is

Brewer X is an Homebrew client native to macOS. Discover new apps, update everything with single click, and automate maintenance tasks. Basically all you would expect. Plus, really nice icons and shortcuts.

But we already have Homebrew in the terminal

Fair point… However, Brewer X builds upon the existing Homebrew experience and makes it faster and smoother. You will get app’s icons, bulk actions, and parallel processes. Also, searching by name, token, and description will give you superpowers.

Why should you use it

One, two, three, upgrade!

Going down one step at the time is boring… why don’t you try two, or three! With the bulk actions you can do everything you want on precisely what you want. All done in parallel!

Brewer X bulk actions
Bulk actions allow you to install, upgrade, or uninstall anything in parallel.

Search, filter, and be right there

Are you looking for a new photo editor? Or maybe you forgot the name of that new browser. No big deal… Our blazingly fast search gets you to the right results in a flash.

Brewer X modular search tokens
Modular search tokens allow you to search by name, token, description, or all three.

Keep everything under control

Sometimes a process can fail, or you may wonder what is going on behind the scenes. In both cases press ⌘Y to open the Transcript panel. You’ll have a look at the Homebrew logs beneath Brewer X. It’s that easy.

Brewer X Transcript
The Transcript gives you an inside view to debug and keep track of the activities.

Don’t be limited by first-party

It’s all about content after all. The more the better. That’s why we have a builtin repositories manager. It allows you to add new sources of apps, scripts, fonts, and even functionalities.

Brewer X repositories manager
Repositories manager allows you to open the door at new content and functionalities.

Supported Homebrew features

This table here is constantly updated. If a feature is not supported yet it will probably be in a future update.

Feature Homebrew Taps Formulas Casks
Update - - -
Install -
Upgrade - -
Upgrade All - -
Uninstall -
Home -
Cleanup - - -
Prune - - -
Autoremove - - -